Joyfully Fit Blog

Hello, my name is Brianna Joy.

I’m a NY native living in VT and I’m your Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor here at The Well! I’m a Mother, Wife, and follower of Jesus. What fuels me is a passion to bring freedom and strength to people as we learn how to move out of a place of love. At The Well, we will crush the fear of never being enough, rid guilt-tripping our way into exercise, and obsessing over our goal-weight. Instead we will stir up all the joy and move from a place of being loved as God’s children.


I run this blog in order to start a tribe of all ages who can build each other up, share stories, and encourage health to each other’s body, mind, and soul. This is also a place where you can easily view upcoming classes and events for The Well.

I am blessed enough to have a team of beautiful people around me that help make The Well work. When the lights need to be dimmed, towels need to be handed out, equipment set up or words of wisdom given—they’re there!

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