Harvest Moon Soup

Want to reap the goodness of Autumn through Wintertime? This bowl of harvest will carry you through! It’s not every night I throw ingredients together and it magically comes out delicious. If you dig creamy soups, with a mild spice, try my Harvest Moon! Harvest Moon Soup, by Bri. PALEO (DF/SF/GF) Serves 6 Ingredients 3Continue reading “Harvest Moon Soup”

Exercises To Do and Avoid During and After Pregnancy

The hottest topic in the Prenatal/Postpartum world right now is Diastasis Recti. This is the separation of the middle of the abdominal wall of 2.7cm or greater thanks to the stretching of the Linea Alba (the connective tissue that holds it together like glue). As you can imagine, our abdominal muscles, along with the connectiveContinue reading “Exercises To Do and Avoid During and After Pregnancy”

Joy! For crying out loud…

You’re no stronger than your joy. September seems to be our busiest time of the year. Besides it being our Anniversary and my Birthday month, it’s when Owen starts school, Russ has a few major church events, and I’m coaching soccer. Throw in one of my best friend’s getting married this month and you haveContinue reading “Joy! For crying out loud…”