Welcome to Freedom

I'm slightly claustrophobic. An easy way to make an enemy out of me would be to trap me under a blanket or hide me away in an elevator. It's not a fun feeling; being stuck in a place where hope is a word that holds no meaning. A lot of things can get us there: people's accusations,... Continue Reading →

3 Heart-Shaping Mantra’s

The fight over our souls has already been won by Jesus many moons ago. He was victorious for us, and that victory is set in stone. But the battle over our spirits contending with His is a continual battle. One of the greatest enemies in this battle to connect with Him is busyness. Not so... Continue Reading →

Get to your Goals in 2018

Mood: Coffeehouse Blend Playlist, Apple Music. Today marks the start of a New Year: 2018, BABY! For some of us, this comes as a sigh of relief, as we see this as a new beginning to something better. One of the greatest lessons God taught me in 2017 was contentment. I'm not talking about your... Continue Reading →

God Loves the Hell out of You

"Let the love of God, love the hell out of you." Alisa Keeton, Revelation Wellness. His love means freedom from the cares of what we think we should look like, think we should weigh, or what we think others think. His love means that we have power by his GRACE to obey and to live... Continue Reading →

Harvest Moon Soup

Want to reap the goodness of Autumn through Wintertime? This bowl of harvest will carry you through! It's not every night I throw ingredients together and it magically comes out delicious. If you dig creamy soups, with a mild spice, try my Harvest Moon! Harvest Moon Soup, by Bri. PALEO (DF/SF/GF) Serves 6 Ingredients 3... Continue Reading →

Joy! For crying out loud…

You're no stronger than your joy. September seems to be our busiest time of the year. Besides it being our Anniversary and my Birthday month, it's when Owen starts school, Russ has a few major church events, and I'm coaching soccer. Throw in one of my best friend's getting married this month and you have... Continue Reading →

You Need a Vacation

It had been nearly 5 years since we had been able to do this. For once, I was not pregnant or breastfeeding and could fly away from my little ducklings for a few days with my husband. Every time I was stressed out, burned out, and overly exhausted I would say, I can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Fit for Freedom

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17 If I were to give you one word explaining the reason why I blog, without a doubt it would be: freedom. It is and always has been the root of my writing.  This is because I'm so over expectations. Expectations hold us to the... Continue Reading →

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